Brushed Aluminum Prints with Museum Mounts

Large Brushed Aluminum print on wall in house

Brushed Aluminum prints have their own unique look

Brushed Aluminum prints have their own unique look - they shimmer in the light and almost seem to come alive. Add to that the vibrant color that printing on metal gives you, and it is a great choice.

Our Brushed Aluminum Prints are sheets of specially prepared aluminum onto which we print with our VuTek H2000 Pro UV printer.  Ultraviolet light printing gives an amazing level of detail and a durable finish.


We use genuine Dibond to ensure the highest quality results

The material we print our brushed aluminum prints on is DiBond, a high-end substrate. It is made specifically for UV Ink printing and provides 
premiium quality results.  We have tried cheaper brands in the past and found they allow the ink to be easily scratched off, After thorough testing, we came to the conclusion that the inferior products simply couldn't deliver the high-quality results we want to give our customers.

Put simply: DiBond prints last and last.